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Welcome.  My name is Janine and I offer Matrix Reimprinting, Emotional Freedom Technique and Access Bars to help with releasing negative thought patterns, bringing relaxation, peace and growth into your life.

With Matrix Reimprinting and Emotional Freedom Technique, I help people release their stuck emotions, trauma and shock, using tapping techniques and creative processes that give access to imagination, inspiration and intuition. Together, we clear away what hinders you from accessing new possibilities, true life purpose and joy. I offer Skype sessions for this treatment, so we can work together wherever you are. Matrix Reimprinting and EFT can help if you suffer from:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Anger and rage
  • Heartache
  • Pain and tension, and
  • Allergies.

To find out more about EFT, go here, and go here for more about Matrix Reimprinting.

When we change our beliefs, we choose our destiny

Access bars treatments allow you to let go and receive. Deep relaxation is induced by the holding of specific points on the head called “the bars”. For Access Bars and other hands-on treatments, I work from Helderberg and can travel to you in Cape Town. To find out more about this highly effective treatment, go here.

I am also available for other therapies. Go here to find out more.

What clients are saying

I’ve seen Janine numerous times to work on a variety of issues.We have done EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for so many things, big and small past traumas, overwhelm in present day situations, procrastination, fears and more, and I’ve had great results, no matter what the issue. Janine is a truly gentle, compassionate guide to assisting with transformation. Thank you for being amazing. Let’s do more please.- Smaranda Ciortan


Janine is an insightful, gentle and supportive practitioner who creates a very safe holding space and guides me in my healing journey with flexibility and warmth. I feel that she really hears me and “gets” me and what I am feeling, and works at my own pace. I have felt a lot of relief from some very intense emotions and difficult experiences since beginning to work with her and find the process very empowering. I have been able to get new insight into my patterns in life situations and to shift trauma in my body in a way that has been far quicker and more powerful than talking therapy. I think this work is fantastic and am very happy to have the opportunity to work with such an intuitive practitioner. – Morgan Nichols


In a relatively short period of time, this Matrix work we have been doing has addressed issues that I have previously tried and failed to address with years of expensive, gruelling, time consuming psychotherapy. Not being able to deal with trauma in that way left me feeling even more screwed up and it is a great relief to finally have a tool that feels as if it is working and I look forward to more time spent together. – Annwen Mazetti

You can start your journey towards peace and healing right from where you are. Contact me on 0782542888 or bethegraceofserenity@gmail.com to book a session.



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