Using EFT and Affirmations to Raise your Vibration

EFT to raise vibrationThe emotional soup that we grew up in as children becomes our comfort zone and our basic emotional vibrational state. To raise our vibration, we need to clear up that emotional debris.

We all have emotions: this fact remains, no matter how much we suppress them, explode them, express them or deny them. Without other options, we resort to our programmed reactive ways of being that we learned in childhood. It is important to realise that we habitually do this to feel safe.

There are ways to truly and safely process emotions, to let them go and move on with EFT.

In his book ‘Power Versus Force’, Dr. David R Hawkins  M.D. Ph.D. explains the correlation between our vibrational level and our experience of emotion. At the level of courage, we begin to contribute to the world. But there can be considerable obstacles in the way – and with EFT, you can begin to clear these. Where are you now and where would you like to be?

Many of us like to use affirmations. The trouble is that affirmations only build new neural pathways in our conscious mind when the real issue is in the limbic mind. As soon as we are stressed, we will revert to our programmed beliefs and emotions. When we affirm something like ‘I am safe and at peace’ all we have to do is add a ‘but’ to the end of the sentence to find out what is really going on inside us. For example, ‘I am safe and at peace’ … but … ‘I am afraid of people’.

First tap away the emotions and negative thought patterns and then the affirmation can have real and lasting use. It’s simple: clear the negative then affirm the positive.

So often, we are afraid that if we open the Pandora’s Box of emotion we will be overwhelmed and lost within the chaos. Ironically, I have found that the opposite is true. The more I trust my emotions and listen to their messages, the more I free myself and the more grounded and centred I become.

Most of our emotions are reactions to past situations and only in part to do with what happens in our present life. EFT can remove the disturbance in our energy field and dissipate the negative emotional charge within a few dedicated rounds of tapping.

Mostly, in life, we aim to be kind and forgiving towards others – but we can easily forget to do the same for ourselves. With courage, we can create a safe haven for our wounded parts. We can clear our limiting beliefs, transform our lives and raise our vibrations. The time is now: why wait? To access support and learn these tools for yourself, contact me on 0782542888 or to book a session. 


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