Stress Release


I offer the following additional healing therapies:

Shiatsu (for humans and horses) – A gentle massage of acupressure points along the spine to restore the flow of vitality in the body.

Thank you for the gorgeous Shiatsu session we had. You work with such intuitive sensitivity that it feels like each touch finds its perfect pressure and place. – Maria

Integrative Emotional Freedom Technique – With tapping and transformative art, I facilitate your use of colour and clay to safely let go of your negative emotions.

Guided Relaxation – Allows you to scan your body with your awareness to release any excess tension and stress. This restores your health and serenity.

Reiki – Hands-on healing which includes herbal smudging, aqua mist overtone singing, and a rainbow of crystals to restore your connection with the elements.

Integrative Hatha Yoga – A gentle Hatha Yoga practice incorporating breathing exercises, chanting, kriyas and meditation.

Restorative Yin Yoga – Rest, relax, let go and breathe in comfortable, supported poses. The organs revitalise and equanimity is regained.

Sacred Geometry – Art gift cards and paintings made to order: Metatron’s cube, Magic Mandala and Flower of Life. Tuition available on request.

Nature and Deva Communication – I offer guidance, grounding methods and elemental rituals to deepen your connection with the earth.

Music and dance healing

Music & dance have so many beneficial effects on body, mind and emotions. I offer the following services:

  • Monochord music –this is a multi-stringed instrument, rich in overtones and natural harmonics. It calms the nerves and soothes the heart. Contact me to order a CD.
  • Ukulele tuition – They look like small guitars but are way easier to play. By learning four basic chords, you can play many songs and open up a world of joy.
  • Biodanza birthdays – celebrate your child’s birthday with dance, song, games and stories. Fun and exciting themes make their birthday an adventure.
  • Singing – I compose songs for baby blessings, weddings and other special occasions.
  • Mantra and overtone lessons available on request.

Contact me to book a session in  Helderberg or Cape Town on 0782542888 or

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