Using EFT and Affirmations to Raise your Vibration

EFT to raise vibration

The emotional soup that we grew up in as children becomes our comfort zone and our basic emotional vibrational state. To raise our vibration, we need to clear up that emotional debris. We all have emotions: this fact remains, no matter how much we suppress them, explode them, express them…

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Healing Birth and Pre-Birth Trauma

Did you have a difficult birth? Are you worried about how your baby’s birth experience will affect their lives?  Do you feel as though you did your best, but it was not enough?   As an unborn baby, if you or your mother experienced any other kind of shock or…

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Relationship Recovery

Is your love life a mess? Are you hurt and heartbroken? Do you want to shift your patterns and release emotional pain?   Relationships begin the moment our life begins. Even in the womb, we can begin to make limiting beliefs about relationships that stay with us for life. If you were…

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