Healing Birth and Pre-Birth Trauma

healing birth trauma

Did you have a difficult birth?
Are you worried about how your baby’s birth experience will affect their lives? 
Do you feel as though you did your best, but it was not enough?


As an unborn baby, if you or your mother experienced any other kind of shock or stress, this could have created negative emotions and beliefs about the world. These negative beliefs can affect the ability to be open to receive and connect in healthy ways. For example, if your mother had a big shock, if your chord was wrapped around your neck, if you experienced a difficult birth, or if the umbilical cord was cut too soon, this would have impacted on you.

As babies, we are still so merged with Source that everything in the womb is perceived as love. So when anxiety, terror, rage or severe shock is experienced within the womb, these become associated with love and are states that then become our ‘comfort zone’. As adults, we will attract and recreate experiences that mirror this ‘comfort zone’ and our first experiences of life.

Our negative beliefs are at the core of our life’s problems. The patterns we experience repeat themselves so that we can see them and become conscious of them. This is why we face similar situations in life again and again: it gives us another opportunity to heal our lives. It is vitally important that negative experiences are effectively worked through so that we can create the life we want, as opposed to just repeating our ‘program’.

If you were not wanted as a baby, you will feel it and presume there is something wrong with you.When you live with that kind of belief, the world will continue to mirror it back to you in your relationships and life experience. People will treat you badly and you will wonder why. Perhaps, due to pre-birth trauma, you think the world is unsafe – your relationships will reflect that as well.

If you have a difficult relationship with your mother, consider that it could be due to lack of bonding as a baby, which can also make it difficult to relate to people at all. By healing and recreating this bond within the healing context of Matrix Reimprinting, your relationship with your mom could well improve, as it did with mine. Personally, I experienced a lot of trauma before birth and it has helped me greatly to be able to assist my very much younger self with Matrix work. It is such a joy to be able to get back to these places of pre-verbal stress, to shift fearful experiences into feelings of harmony and joy instead, and to change perceptions on a very deep level.

Mothers often carry a lot of guilt around what happens with their babies: what they wish had happened and what they could not prevent from happening. Guilt is a very low frequency emotion and can result in feelings of exhaustion due to its heavy nature.  We can work together to clear that guilt and access courage so that your child can enjoy the best of you.

Moms and babies are so intimately connected that if we help the mom, her baby gets plenty of benefit too. With Matrix, we can also work in a surrogate way on the baby or dad, shifting the energy imprint of the whole family.

If your birth or the birth of your baby was not the perfect experience you wish it had been, Matrix Reimprinting can help. With Emotional Freedom Technique, which is used in a Matrix Reimprinting session, we can de-traumatise the parts of your consciousness that need it and instil new joyful feelings and images, allowing you to start creating the life you really want.

With a course of treatments, we can effectively release the old perceptions, emotions and beliefs that were created during the shock or stress of birth and create happier healthier images for the mind to focus on. Happier mom = happier baby.

To book a session, contact me on 0782542888 or bethegraceofserenity@gmail.com. We can work on Skype or face-to-face in Helderberg or Cape Town. Now is your opportunity to begin healing and moving forward so you can enjoy peace and more fulfilling relationships.

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