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My name is Janine Hayward and I am an expert in recovery. If you are sick of the negative thoughts in your head or tired of the symptoms of anxiety or depression, I can guide you to find peace of mind and serenity within your heart.

Often clients come to me having tried many things to get well, the trouble is ‘If it’s not yours, you cannot heal it.‘ I spent many years trying to heal and getting nowhere fast until I discovered that vital information. As children, we tend to take on the pain of those around us and can end up carrying the world on our shoulders. Empaths and highly sensitive people are particularly prone to absorbing stress from the people and the environment around them and it’s utterly exhausting.  When we return ‘what’s not ours’ to its rightful owners, with love and consciousness, it helps them and us towards greater freedom and awareness. What I offer is a unique set of tools designed to enhance your wellbeing and serenity that lead you to the Source within. Sense into what resonates with you and let’s go from there…

Access Bars Sessions increase your ability to receive, perceive, know and be who you truly are beyond the baggage. Deep relaxation is induced by the holding of specific points on the head called “the bars”.

  • Deeper relaxation and better sleep
  • A greater sense of joy and wellbeing
  • An increase in mental clarity and motivation
  • Feeling at home in your body and on the planet
  • Fewer conflicts and more connection in your relationships
  • Find calmness again when your emotional stress has got too high

Access Consciousness Body Processes are designed to bring more ease. health and wellbeing to your body. Your body is a conscious sentient being, would you be willing to ask it for what it desires and to honor its requests?

  • Boost your immunity
  • Feel nurtured and held
  • Improve body and organ function
  • Connect with joy and spaciousness within
  • Reduce the causes of vision and sinus issues
  • Increase your energy, wealth, and possibilities

Sound Medicine Sessions for groups or individual healing sessions:, connect to the Sacred through Sound.   Instrumental Sound Journeys, Sentient Spirit Song, Liquid Light Language, Sonic Auric Cleansing

  • Rest, relax and renew
  • Feel loved with a lullaby
  • Tune into cosmic harmony
  • Get out of your head into your heart
  • Cleanse your aura, meridians, and chakras
  • Enjoy a variety of instruments and live channeled song

Constellations: Our bodies know how to sense the unified field which contains wisdom and resources. Constellations give us a quiet sacred space to delve into this wisdom and connect with our inner worlds and ancestral roots

  • Connect with ancestral wisdom
  • Gain insights into relationship dynamics
  • Find space for your shadow and your light
  • Access your masculine and feminine sides
  • Find useful insights when making decisions
  • Find helpful resources for your core wounds

Meditations: the answers we seek are living inside us and meditation can take us on the journey within.

  • Learn to relax
  • Enliven your chakras
  • Connect with the elements
  • Clear repeated life patterns
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Listen to the call of your heart

Mandala: a circular design containing the mysteries of sacred geometry. Explore the light and sound codes with color.

  • The chakra system
  • The planetary orbits
  • The meaning of sacred shapes
  • The numerology revealed in seedpods
  • The sonic and visual expression of Aum
  • The planetary forces in Metratrons cube

What clients are saying

A few months ago I went through a very stressful time in my life. I was suffering from depression, anxiety and exhaustion. I was struggling to stop the hamster wheel of negative mind chatter. I did not want to go the route of antidepressants or anxiety meds and wanted to try a natural healing modality first.  I had been introduced to Access Consciousness a few years ago and found it facinating.  Janine did a few sessions of Access Bars with me and the results were incredible. I felt so calm after each session and layer by layer the stress peeled away.I was able to sleep much better and the anxiety and depression lifted. Janine also taught me the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement and some other Access Tools that have come in very handy. I can wholeheartedly recommend Janine and her special gifts in helping her clients to feel well again. Megan

You can start your journey towards serenity right from where you are. Contact me on 0782542888 or bethegraceofserenity@gmail.com to book a session.